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The sun’s rotation creates a spiral pattern in the solar magnetic field in interplanetary space, known as the Parker Spiral.

Dear Lord, I hope that my deepest fears will not be my daily regrets.  You have beset me; Your angels surrounding me, quenching the fiery accusations of the evil one.  Sometimes it seems without hope and without a prayer, but this is not so.  I know it will be soon that I will be there.  Once caught up in the air to be with You.  You’ve given me to control some things and I try to master; my goal is no longer to be a novice, now sensing the ones around me and no longer bringing unnecessary attention to mind.  I mind my business and sit quietly as the humble salt of the earth as the grains that once flowed from your hands then stilled, when you made the first man.

I became a man drawing towards this redemption with your living Word resting inside my bosom.

This spiration I can’t conceive yet it was not flesh and blood that revealed it to me; the elation of my separation from my body towards you on the plane once taken by Enoch.  We transpire to sainthood.  Inspired and driven by the wind from the north, celestially breathed from thee.  Successfully you breathed into us giving the greater gift of life, and to share with those here, that you have shown me.

Your Faithful Servant