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COGIC elevates Dr. Terrell Harris Jr. to Fourth Administrative Assistant to Prelate OL Meadows of AL 1st Ecc. Jurisdiction

Dr. Terrell Harris Jr. Fourth Administative Assistant to the Bishop at COGIC AL 1st Jurisdiction,  Superindendant of the Huntsville Distict & Pastor of True Light COGIC, Huntsville AL

Dr Terrell Harris, Jr., Founder and Pastor of the True Light, Church of God in Christ (COGIC) at 6380 Pulaski Pike Rd, in Huntsville AL was honored at an Inaugural Reception for his appointment as the Fourth Administrative Assistant to Bishop O.L. Meadows, Prelate of Alabama First Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction of the Church of God in Christ. This event, sponsored by the Huntsville District COGIC, was held Tuesday, May 14, 2013 in the Harris Family Life Center adjacent to True Light, where Dr. Harris has been the Pastor for 35 years.

This auspicious occasion attracted Civic Leaders from the North Alabama Region with special tributes to Dr. Harris. Ms. Jo Miley representing Commissioner Bob Harrison, Mr. Kenneth Anderson, Multicultural Affairs Director, for Mayor Tommy Battle and Councilman

Drs. Terrell and H. Pearl Harris enter Harris Family Life Center at the Inaugral Reception.
Drs. Terrell and H. Pearl Harris enter Harris Family Life Center at the Inaugral Reception.

Richard Showers. Also in attendance was former Councilman Sam Pendleton, Florence, AL. State Representative Laura Hall was unable to attend, but was represented with a Resolution from the State House of Representatives. Special Tributes were also given by Supt. William R. Hughes, COGIC First Administrative Assistant; Pastor Dave Draper, Jr., Draper Memorial COGIC, on behalf of the Huntsville District Churches, Mrs. Mary Strong Huntsville District Supervisor of Women, Deacon Doug Taylor on behalf of True Light COGIC and Mrs. Trudy Harris Moore, Daughter of Dr. Harris, on behalf of the Family.


Bishop O.L. Meadows (Birmingham, AL) was the keynote speaker. Commenting on the uncommon unity of the Huntsville District, Churches of God in Christ where Dr. Harris is the Superintendent of nine churches, Bishop Meadows called it the “Ray of Light District” speaking of “the radiant glow” seen as he looked upon the people, the arrangement and overall conduct and manner of the Inaugural Reception. Bishop Meadows exhorted the attendees to “Stand on the Promises of God”. He spoke of Dr. Harris’ extraordinary administrative abilities, even in difficult matters; his ability to administer sound judgment was a strong trait. Bishop Meadows also proclaimed Dr. Harris’s love for God and the Church made him a definitive leader, by answering the question: How does one prove their love for the church? “One does so by having a godly response to fallen humanity.”

Dr. Harris exemplifies this response to the call of God, resounding the spirit of Isaiah saying “Here I am Lord, send me.” The people of Huntsville and its people celebrate one of our city’s most revered leaders, Dr. Terrell Harris, Jr. Congratulations!

written by REB, edited by Evangelist Carolyn Boswell

Also Published in Speaking Out News on May 29, 2013

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