Three Types of Wisdom

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Virtual Realities

Since wisdom requires effort, and it is a human’s natural inclination to recline, acquiring wisdom is not for the lazy. Gathering sense becomes the habit for the naturally inquisitive. It hides well, usually in plain sight and is mostly obscured by false reason. It is readily assessable but must be sought out to unlock its benefits. Virtual Wisdom is like a light placed upon a darkened path. It illuminates and exposes the options for best results in any endeavor. Virtual Wisdom does not have to be esoteric. This wisdom could be already known to others but unknown to some in gathering whatever it takes to succeed. It expands through geometrical progression until it reaches the masses through human interaction. Nowadays, the answer to any question is readily available at your fingertips or on a nearby bookshelf. Ironically, Virtual Wisdom is not yet wisdom but mere knowledge of a right path, but it is filed as wisdom because an effort is needed to gain it. Exhibit 1a: Like going to school to learn a profession or trade.

Think and Grow Rich

Intellectual Wisdom:

Knowledge needs a conversion to be wisdom. Intellectual Wisdom gained through Virtual Wisdom is the student of a great teacher named experience. This empirical knowledge can be drawn upon and applied to resolve various obstacles. Also, the observance of the actions of  others could preach volumes to your soul and inspire you to action.

Learning from the success or failure of others is a greater teacher than experience but carries less credibility. To succeed by observing others is an incredible feat.

When inspired by others to tread upon the unfamiliar, courage is needed. Courage and faith are the intangibles that are seen clearly as a result of Intellectual Wisdom. Success is bred through the repetition of Courage and Faith, to win in life and to accomplish your goal is the Hallmark of Intellectual Wisdom. Untouched vistas exist beyond the realm of the one who uses the triple alliance (repetition, faith, and courage). These open the world to vast insight upon plateaus that the world has yet to see. Exhibit 1b: Like going to school to learn a profession or trade and then getting a job in your area with an appropriate income.

Life’s unexpected turns could bring and could jeopardize your hard work. It takes common sense to guard against these

Common Sense Wisdom

The homespun wisdom that requires no book knowledge just plain common sense is best.  It guards against self-sabotage and aberrant behaviors.  The spiritual engineering project called life built over time needs great care.  Carelessness, youthful exuberance and bad behavior can undo much good that it took a lifetime to build.  My mother used to say never quit a job until you have another source of income.  A steady stream to pay your bills.  She reminded me to make up my bed before I left for school.  You never knew when visitors might come.  These two things speak to the maintenance and preparedness that life’s unexpected turns could bring and could jeopardize your hard work.  It takes common sense to guard against these. Exhibit 1c: Like going to school to learn a profession or trade and then getting a job in your area with an appropriate income and keeping it providing for your family with respect in your community and inspiring all through your gifts.



EXCUSES: Tools of the Weak

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Excuses are tools of the weak and incompetent.
Excuses build foundations of nothingness.
Gird up the loins of your mind.
And put on your holy yoke,
with this done your presence terrorizes the enemy.
If you have to suffer, suffer for righteousness’ sake.
If holiness got you between a rock and a hard place, surely your anointing will bring you out.
Praise the Lord and keep your faith.
Guard your anointing and seek to be at peace with all people,
most of all never use excuses.
Excuses are sinking sand, build on a sure foundation by trusting God. (2/23/16)

Zero Tolerance in 2016

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How to Stay Saved

It’s been over a month until I began to really catch the flavor of the New Year.  Then it came to me still rebounding from 2015, that there must be zero tolerance in 2016 for some things that were allowed to take place in the past. Therefore, I am calling 2016 the year of Zero Tolerance for all things against God.  Ironically, it is a year that we in the United States of America choose whose going to run for president in both political parties as President Barack Obama is in last year and in his last term in office.  For many in America of African descent in recent years, a sense of pride has abounded having a Brother as the Commander in Chief.  Yet, leadership this year must be spiritually grounded more so than politically or culturally for that matter emphasizing doing the next right thing.

Eagle terrorrizes Snake

The shift into 2016 was seemingly seamless but it was actually a dramatic shift.

2015 was such a seminal year in so many ways in that it captured an era which wholly represented the decade of the teens.  Acceptable standards morphed from changes from a simpler time would have startled many of our ancestors as well many adults today who are perpetually reeling from the voracious evil, ever so present in society.  Shifting standards make full proof that changes brought about by things out of your control make your existence necessary.  Armed with the ability to calm the storm as you hold on to God’s unchanging hand in 2016 you have a God-given right to manifest the desires of your heart.


the way the truth and the life 22015 brought great things to your door

but still the presence of your enemy’s torments was there too.  Now in 2016 deliverance from the accuser the liar, the manipulator will altogether cease.  In 2016, you have the authority to pull out a seat at the best table spread out with every good thing and sup.  The devil will try to deny you so don’t believe the lie.  You’re no longer subject to the foolishness of his taunts.  In 2016, there shall be a complete snapping away of the ills that plagued you in the past. Because your future is uncertain when trusting God on the faith level, you have no other choice than to activate great faith in God this year.  This commitment pleases God and the confidence that you place in Him shall extinguish any feeling of inferiority, peer pressure, doubt or stagnation.  This year is the beginning of a new era so seize this moment, shake loose from things that ciphen your momentum and vitality.

Door PraiseMove forward in confidence and courage knowing that God has great things planned for you.


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Re-elected to a third term (Nov. 2016) Churches of God in Christ, Presiding Bishop Charles Edward Blake is committed to serving God’s people


The Work of God

The biggest lie every believed is that Satan or hell is not real.  Yes, it is true the devil is real. Originally, an arch angel called Lucifer the Bible reveals that Lucifer lost his position and was cast down to earth becoming Satan.  The Bible also contains information of the earth’s title deed beings transferred to Satan from Adam through disobedience.  This power remained in the clutched hands of Satan until Christ came remained obedient unto death and fulfilled the prophecy of bruising the head of a serpent.

Satan asked Jesus to worship him in exchange for glory, honor, riches and fame (which Satan could offer because he gained such control from Adam). Jesus victoriously warded off Satan with the Word of God and completed his assignment  becoming the greatest figure in history; shifting time, redeeming man, recapturing the title deed that Adam relinquished and most importantly completing His assignment which was to destroy the work of Satan

PURPOSE of ESUS the Work of God

Bishop Charles Blake

It’s that time saints.

Now, Satan tries to deceive man after losing to Christ. A saddening fact is that the Church endowed with all power seemingly allows Satan’s follies to persist.  If you are a Blood washed Christian indeed you are accountable today like no other time in your life. It’s time for these antics to cease. God’s elect are heavily targeted and left seemingly without allies or friends when Satan’s PR game is running on full blast.  Leaders today need our help.  If you cannot follow, lead.  It’s always time to fear God!


News flash!

Don’t be deceived Satan is not the owner of the planet. His followers have wealth, but it’s allusive.  News flash! Satan lost, and his power base built upon deceit and fear.   He is only worthy to be ignored.  The fallen angel still wants to rule over death by deceiving the living during their lifetime.  Misery … Satan wishes greetings as we welcome one another, but even the liar knows he is lying; but, what hope is there for one who has no hope.  Satan has no hope of redemption. Neither do the angels that knew the truth and glided in proximity to the Holy God but decided to follow Lucifer.  Not the case with humanity, we have a hope of redemption as long as we breathe unless we foolishly call the Holy Spirit a liar.  This folly is the pinnacle of deception called perdition.

Masquerade Photo


Heads up!

Satan is still enticing with delusions of power, money, fame and fortune under the guise of Lucifer. When you call Satan out of his name by saying Lucifer in adoration you are in violation to God.   Satan’s intention is to direct worship from God towards itself (It is a better pronoun for the beast).  It doesn’t  give  its attention to anyone.  Like any fortune 500 company it chooses the best and brightest to spread its lies and gives certain singers and musicians power to influence the masses.  In this age of information we have no excuse when we are deceived by its priests.  Study, show yourself approved a workman by your Creator.

Red Bird Confetti: Photo by Elina Nilsson


Answering: HALLELUJAH!

Lucifer in the Hebrew tongue is pronounced haw-lal.  Its English homonyms are halo or hello.  Satan remembering his glory days wants people in mass to sing Hello in instead of praising God saying, Hallelujah!  Some songs that have Hello in their title sung by millions upon the earth produced by top artists in the last fifty years.  The Beatles,  Lionel Richie and The Doors, and more recent artists have Mega Hits entitled “Hello” like Eminem, Beyonce, and Adele.   Maybe when picking up the phone, we should say Hallelujah or Glory to God instead of Hello.



Boardroom Centurion

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To reach the next tier of your organization and to earn the respect of those around you; stay in tune with the mission of the company and distinguish yourself by obtaining victories for the war chest.

Centurion CEO tumblr_nqr5oqWYzZ1tdojlko6_500


To become a proficient leader you must have been an ardent follower. This seed-time/ harvest relationship principally exists in the type of follower you’ve been; however brief or long it is manifested in your term as a leader.  The vestiges of character from your followers are now present that you displayed when you were a follower.


Army behind me

Attitude determines Altitude

To follow instructions for any task your given is the rule for work and when latitude is given to move at will, your value increases if the outcome of your decisions are profitable. You make yourself valuable when the soul of your organization is fed continuously by your input.  To distinguish yourself even further is to follow your leader’s words without questioning their reasons.  Therefore, trust is an indispensable element in any supervisor – subordinate relationship.  To truly become a vessel of honor is to be a catalysis that brings forth your organization’s mission to fruition.


Communication Connect

Even Jesus was astonished when speaking with the Centurion who requested that his servant be healed. The Centurion said speak the word only!  Jesus noted that this type of discipleship was not even seen in Israel.  Leaders love this type of follower.  While it is an essential tool of a leader to communicate his or her vision to their followers, at times this cannot be done, especially when in the heat of battle.  Good workers cannot become great workers if they need to know why things are done and the way they are done all the time.  If a leader is questioned at every turn, some of those who are doing the questioning must be left behind because it drains the forward push of the visionary.

An Essay in Leadership

MOUNTAIN OF HOPE: Call to Apostleship

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team work makes dreams worksI have not called you to administer where there is presently administration.  I have called you to host where there is a scattering of reeds, to be a gatherer where there is no administration.   To go and be where there is dismay to be a standard bearer where there is confusion.  To make the journey where others dare to tread.  So harden your face and soften your heart and the King of Glory shall be your dwelling.  Trust in me and I will make you a great nation, a refuge for the people, from faith to faith, to the mountain of hope from the mountains of praise.  Selah

HALLOWEEN: Satan’s Trick — No One’s Treat (Harmless Tradition or Satanic Celebration)

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Halloween originally was called Samhain and was a pagan festival, always held on October 31.  It is still called Samhain by practicing witches, Satanist and occults today.  The Roman Catholic Church gradually incorporated this pagan festival into a holiday on November  1 called All Saints Day, or All Hallows Day.  The day before was called All Hallows Eve or Hallowed evening which was later changed to Halloween.  The festival of Samhain (Halloween) was to honor Samhain, a god of the dead and one of the Celtic people’s two major gods.  All Saints day was started by Roman Catholic Church as a day to honor the dead a form of ancestral worship).


The customs observed on Halloween today began before Christ and came from Druidism, witchcraft, and other pagan practices.  Druidism was the religion of the Druids and involved the worship of many gods.  These polytheists were a religious order of priest among the Celtic people of ancient Gaul (now the area in and around France), Scotland, Britain and Ireland.  The Druids as well as being priests were lawmakers, teachers and judges and in Ireland had more authority  than the king.  They practiced astrology, magic, divination (the art of knowing the future), headhunting prognostication (foretelling the future by signs and omens), incantations and trances with emphasis on powers of shape shifting, Included in their rituals were animal and human sacrifices of men, women and children.  Human sacrifices were usually enclosed alive in huge wicker work images and burned.  Druids considered the oak tree and mistletoe to be sacred and conducted their pagan rituals in oak forests.  The name Druid means deep knowledge or knowledge of the oak tree.  Druid priest were recruited as young children usually of the aristocratic warrior class and trained for many years in special Druid schools. The Druids believed the human spirit was immortal and upon death passes into the body of a newborn child or animal.  On October 31 the Druids honored Samhain.  They believed that on that night the lord of the dead (Samhain) called forth the spirits of the dead that had been made to enter the bodies of animals and decided what forms they should take for the following year.  Also they believed that on the night of October 31, spirits of the dead revisited their earthly homes and that witches and evil spirits roamed the earth.  Bonfires were lit on Samhain (October 31), supposedly to frighten away those evil spirits, this was why Samhain was considered a fire festival.  Jack-o-lanterns also were used to frighten away evil spirits.

Masquerade Photo
Masquerade Photo

Dressing in costumes and the trick or treat part of Samhain was started in a variety of ways depending on which area you lived in.  In some areas, to protect themselves, their houses and possessions from evil spirits and witches, offerings of food and drink were placed outside.  Some people would also disguise themselves in ugly masks and costumes supposedly to trick the evil spirits into believing they were spirits also.

In Ireland, the druids were said to have gone from house to house collecting offerings for Samhain.  They carried lanterns, bags for money and sharp canes.  At each home they would demand a specified amount and if they didn’t get it, they would physically harm the people or their animals.  Another custom was for people to dress in extremely ugly masks and costumes and go house to house singing, dancing and playing tricks on neighbors.  The practice of mischief making was started in Ireland.  On October 31 older boys or men would go around doing such things as breaking windows, overturning sheds and outhouses and damaging property in a variety of ways.  This was the origin of mischief night.  Later children started going house to house often in a costume requesting treats or threatening tricks hence, the term “trick or treat.”  Halloween traditions were brought to the United states by Irish and Scottish immigrants.
During the twentieth century, Stonehenge began to revive as a place of religious significance, this time by adherents of Neopaganism.

To the Druids, the festival of Samhain (Halloween) was thought to be the most favorable time for foretelling the future concerning marriage, health, luck and death.  It also was the only day on which they called for the help of Satan in these matters.

In Scotland, young people got together for rituals and occult games to foretell their future marriage partners.

After the romans conquered Britain, they added to Samhain their customs from the Roman Harvest Festival held on November 1.  It was to honor Pomona goddess of plenty and of the fruits of trees.  That’s where bobbing or ducking for apples in tub of water came from.

Route 66 aka basic instructions before leaving earth.


All of these rituals customs and practices talked about so far have to do with worshipping other gods or Satan himself and practicing thing clearly condemned and hated by God.  This first commandment clearly states we are to “… have no other gods nor serve any other god” (Exodus 20:3-5).  God’s word also says, “For thou shalt worship no other god:  for the Lord, whose name is Jealous, is a jealous God.” Exodus 34:14

“Ye shall not go after other gods, or the gods of the people which are around you; (For the Lord thy God is a jealous God among you) Lest the anger of the Lord thy God be kindled against thee, and destroy thee from off the face of the earth.” I Corinthians 10:20-22

“When thou art come into the land which the Lord thy God giveth thee, thou shalt not learn to do after the abominations of those nations. There shall not be found among you any one that maketh his son or his daughter to pass through the fire, or that useth divination, or an observer of times, or an enchanter, or a witch.   Or a charmer, or a consulter with familiar spirits, or a wizard, or a necromancer.  For all that do these things are an abomination unto the Lord: and because of these abominations the Lord thy God doth drive them out from before thee.” Deuteronomy 18:9-12

God also said in His word, “Thou shalt not suffer (permit) a witch to live.” Exodus 22:18

“Regard not them that have familiar spirits, neither seek after wizards, to be defiled by them: I am the Lord your God” (Leviticus 19:31).

And the soul that turneth after such as have familiar spirits, and after wizards, to go a whoring after them, I will even set my face against that soul, and will cut him off from among his people.” Leviticus 20:6

“Abstain from all appearance of evil.” I Thessalonians 5:22

I Samuel 28 talks about King Saul and his turning to a witch for guidance.  I Chronicles 10:13-14 tells of his death for disobeying God and seeking knowledge from a witch.

Halloween – OCCULT

Halloween has always been an important date for witches and wizards, possibly their most important, because Halloween (Samhain) is the time which they feel they can most effectively communication with the dead.

Witches, wizards, Satan worshippers and occultist perform many of their blasphemous, demonic rituals on Halloween and to them, it is a day to honor and worship Satan.  Halloween or Samhain has always been an evil event directly related to Satan, Satan worship, witchcraft, darkness and death.  It is unlike any other holiday celebrated in the U.S.   Most other U.S. holidays have their origin in Christianity.


Let’s take a look at some of the symbols of Halloween:

Witches and Witches’ Hat:  Halloween is a witches or wizard’s Sabbath possibly their most important one.  Druids thought witches and wizards roamed the countryside and flew in the air on October 31.

Black Cats: Witches and wizards believe that Satan dwells inside of black cats when he chooses to.  The druid believed that cats were once human beings transformed by magic spells.

Jack-o-lantern: Originally from Europe, they were used to ward off evil spirits on the night of Samhain (Halloween).  The lanterns were first made from hollowed out turnips with demonic faces and lit candles placed inside.  In  the U.S. the native pumpkin is used.  The name jack-o-lantern was possible derived from that of a night watchman.

Ghosts, Goblins, Skeletons: Samhain (lord of the dead) was thought to call forth dead people’s spirits and evil spirits were supposed to roam about on October 31.

It’s easy to see that all of the symbols and practices of Halloween today were taken straight from paganism, Satanism and the occult.  Halloween is definitely a holiday that honors Satan and represents everything that God hates and condemns.

Halloween TODAY

In a real sense, Halloween is becoming more and more Satan’s holiday.  Children are not safe while out trick or treating.  Every year it gets worst, with razor blades in apples, pins, needles and poison in candy and more violence towards children and people’s property.

On October 31, witches, wizards, occultists and Satan worshippers join together all over the world to have séances, cast spells and curses and make sacrifices.

Most of us in the United States grew up thinking of Halloween as a harmless tradition and a time of fun for children.  Not many know the origin of Halloween and who is behind this seemingly harmless celebration.


Everyone likes to see children have fun.  As Christians we could buy our children candy and have a harvest party to celebrate the fall harvest of food or the harvest of souls coming to the Lord.  They could dress up in Bible character costumes, play Bible related games, see a Christian movie or whatever else would be fun.

Dealing with the problem of school Halloween activities is sometimes difficult.  You may want to explain, in a loving way to your child’s teacher, why you don’t celebrate Halloween or just keep your child home from such activities.

Taking a stand, even in a loving way isn’t easy and will probably cause some people to be upset.  As Christians, we are supposed to live by God’s word and do those things that are right in His sight.  Jesus is our example and pleasing Him should be what we want to do.

“Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you.” 2 Corinthians 6:17