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Recently I saw a movie called Hidden Figures and thought that this could not be a true story.  This motion picture coupled with Fences were the two African American must see films this year, but Hidden Figures impacted me far beyond August Wilson’s screenplay.  The memories of my past flooded my mind because I was alive during the climax of the real events that occurred in this movie yet was ignorant of the facts Hidden Figures exposed.  It was exciting to know that it was the mathematics of a black woman that came into play when determining the trajectory used to get a man to the moon and back to earth safely in 1969.  Why wasn’t this taught during Black History month while I was coming to age?  Opening a Pandora’s box of other questions like: Did we ever arrive on the moon and why haven’t we returned since 1969?  Did Galileo and Newton discover the great things they were credited with or was it of African origin, etc.?

Sixth Grade 1979 Princeton Ave School Lakewood NJ

Remembering asking my guidance counselor why I had to take applied math instead of algebra my freshman now made sense and remembering why the zeitgeist frowned upon African Americans pursuing advanced science and math courses.  During the eighties, it was considered very uncool to enjoy these disciplines.

My DNA begged to differ not towards math but didactical thinking.  How could wisdom be veiled and replaced with a bundle of lies and mistreatments and an standardized  devaluation of the mitochondrial strains which internally connect me?  Instead of celebrating the scholastic interests that were ever so present, people around me while I was growing up reveled in simple jest and were content with a bundle of lies handed to us by American culture.

Her confession may have helped clear Donham’s conscience and bring her to this place of “tender sorrow” but for many others who are just learning that she lied on Emmett Till it does nothing.


This movie was a micro view into a panoramic past.  The biggest fraud was the logic that brown and tan people were inherently criminal.  This logic is apparent from the overwhelming number of African Americans and Latinos that are in the prison population as opposed to Asians, Askenazi Jews and Whites for that matter.  Brown and Tan people in America are placed in boxes in America and fed lies repetitively until a lie is accepted as truth.  This great deception is a strong delusion!  Brown and tan people are carted to correctional facilities so Blanche could be safe. While fakers like the bloody Dame who lied on Emmit Til sing America the beautiful.

After being fed lies for nearly fifty years, I am coming to realize that Black is a status.  A status of inferiority immediately thrusts upon brown or tan individuals born in America, hounding us non stop publicly and privately.  This is a design that perpetuates a permanent underclass in the United States of America.  Those who subscribe to racism and are subject to its ill effects are its legitimate preservers (see Stockholm Syndrome).  It is sick when whites are rewarded for being white and brown and tan people are denigrated for being brown or tan.  When this behavior is institutionalized it is not long until that society ends unless this malady is corrected.  But once you accept this reward OJ of Bill Cosby still keep it real with your folks Tiger Woods.  Once you betray those brown and tan Americans still held at bay by the false iron grip of racism and whites get tired of using you where can you go or where can they turn?  White society acts as a unit because the media controls their train of thought.  (with a few exceptions.  True black beauty lies in the fact that you could be yourself without keeping another brown or tan person down.  The Willie Lynch style indoctrination is breakable by the warrior soul.  My beautiful black princes and princesses who rise above mediocrity into the blissful state of I AM.


Israel’s Green Socks

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Israel wearing green sock in E-Block (Marion County Jail, Indianapolis, IN)
Israel wearing green sock in E-Block (Marion County Jail, Indianapolis, IN)

Israel wore one pair of socks for 6 months.  They were green and never stunk.  He had time on his hand so he cleaned them ever chance he got.  Every time he stepped out of his cell, murderers gazed and robbers railed but, he never fell.

As he read the Good Book, he acquired sympathy for the Children of Israel and their wilderness experience.  Israel began to understand why they achieved zero velocity. Going nowhere fast; talking slick but really sick inside.  One day during his 6 month stay he had an epiphany: a sort of a self discovery.  Reflecting back, he thought: “God, had His hand my his life all the time.”  Also realizing that he’ll make little progress, if any with a bitter disposition regardless of circumstance.

His cell mates cheered ecstatically when cops crashed as the evening news reported.  This he wondered about in bewilderment and concluded that their cheers were disguised hostility.  Israel discovered that you can be free while incarcerated and to be bitter inside, even if you have a reason is a tragic experience.  He didn’t want to lose hope as the others.

      Serving time for running from the cops, in contrast to the others who were looking at 35, 65 or 99 years.  Pulled over after the cops noticed his car trunk ajar, he put the petal to the metal.  Afraid they’ll find the open containers and paranoid he sped off.   He was caught tazed and processed all with those same green socks.

Israel wearing green sock in E-Block (Marion County Jail, Indianapolis, IN)
Israel wearing green sock in E-Block (Marion County Jail, Indianapolis, IN)

His green socks never smelled and gained distinction as the one who wore them became known as short timer (an instant target).  With much caution he tryed to understand the authorities who put him with jealous killers.  He knew the authorities were not empathetic to a brown mother who raised him clean.  Israel thought “I hope I can make it out of this alive.”  He knew that his demise would irreparably tear his mother apart.  So what did Israel do while in the fire of this affliction?  He started a gospel choir and it was revealed that he was indeed an evangelist.

Summertime blues
Summertime blues

Those green socks soon became a symbol of inspiration inside the walls of the jail where hope seemed to fail.  An itinerant evangelist was born there that stepped upon the burning coals of affliction, wearing green socks and flip flops striding where free men never crept under constant awareness of being killed the grace of God protected Israel where the price of human life was worth a honey bun.

His green socks never gave, even to his last day of this experience when he saw a peeking toe.  That is how he knew it was time to go.

Taken in Atlantic City NJ (2010)
Taken in Atlantic City NJ (2010)
“For the Lord thy God hath blessed thee in all the works of thy hand: he knoweth thy walking through this great wilderness: these forty years the Lord thy God hath been with thee; thou hast lacked nothing” (Deut. 2:7).

The Short Walk

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Have you ever been in a total solar eclipse? I remember being in a total solar eclipse when I lived in Michigan (1974). The only thing I can remember them telling us that it will be over soon and not to look at the sun. I was six years old at the time and I remember walking to school in the dark. I thought that this was weird but very cool. As a six year old you’re always experiencing new things but this phenomenon was exceptional. We lived just across the street from the elementary school and on my way to school during the short walk, I didn’t remember seeing the sun, but not looking at the sun never made much sense to me, since it was dark anyway and I’ve stared into the sun at full strength before and my eyes could still see. Later that day, I remember running from dragonflies! Adults said that if they ever stung you then you would die.

I believed this too but later found out dragonflies were not poisonous. Yet, I still hear them tell people not to look at the sun during a total solar eclipse. Ironically, it was from pictures of this observation (a total eclipse) that proved that mathematical formula for Einstein’s Theory of Relativity in Australia (1922).

“Stay foolish ” (Steve Jobs).  Today’s (March 20, 2015) total eclipse can be seen in the Faroe Islands and the eclipse will be seen parts of the North Atlantic, Greenland, Africa and Europe at 4:30 (EST).  Why would anyone not want to see the total eclipse despite what they say about looking at this once in a lifetime event?  You can watch it live.  Join the fraternity of the low percentage of the population that has ever seen a total eclipse.


“On average total eclipses appear every 360 for any given location.”

A Minister of the Gospel

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If I was a sailor I’ve sail the seven seas

If I were a pirate I would capture booty

Or if I was a rich man I would live on a hill


But I am a minister of the gospel

A sanctified minister of the gospel


My gospel message is, salvation is free

Jesus gave his life for you and for me

When you make him Lord you shall be made free


I am a minister of the gospel

A sanctified minister of the gospel


It’s like nothing ever mattered until you’re filled with His grace

Liberty and awe when you seek His face

Complete and so fulfilling to me in this place


Being a minister of the gospel

A spirit filled minister of the gospel


Creation yearns and morns for a sign from above

A spirit filled people that move in His love

Nothing lost, nothing gained

Walking with tears in the rain


Loving all people it’s the Gospel

Pain goes away, fear cannot stay.

Ministering God’s word in the Gospel


Let go and let God, minister to your heart

Relax and let go and have faith in God.

Believe in God, it’s the gospel

You’ll find truth in God’s word, it’s the gospel

A minister of the gospel

My Father Gave Me This Trade

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Reggie B, Owner Operator BFC Carpet Cleaning, Huntsville, AL
Reggie B, BFC Carpet Cleaning, Huntsville, AL

Beginnings of BFC

My family lived adjacent to the church when as 23 years old full time college student I found solace in attending church.  While living with my family and unemployed, by a series of events of supply, demand and availability I volunteered to perform church janitorial work. During the week, an even deeper solace was found when vacuuming the church with only the noise of the vac motor there was great peace.
There was still no income so I prayed for a job. Afterward, my attention focused on a newspaper.  In the classified section; Sears was advertising, “Help Wanted: Carpet Cleaners.” Calling the number (long story short) got the job, loved it, learned the trade and became a premier tech for the company as well as a company trainer and coach. By working in the church, God had reserved a blessing for me in the form of an income and a career. Unknowingly, by volunteering to clean the carpets in the church, I was later given a greater financial compensation than my college education would offer and something that my family did not grant: a trade. There is an Arabic Proverb that says,

“if you don’t teach your son a trade

you teach him to steal.”

My Heaven Father gave me this trade.

Some years later, Boswell Residential Carpet and Furniture Cleaning was formed after developing an impeccable reputation for reviving dull, soiled carpeted and upholstered surfaces.  Soon by becoming an expert in mixing solution with the matching cleaning issue that confronted me and estimating jobs at a glance, superior service with unmatched customer satisfaction was regularly offered.  These became inherent goals. In 2010, Boswell Residential Carpet and Furniture Cleaning was reorganized and BFC Furniture and Carpet Cleaning formed. The office is based in Madison County Alabama and clients in the Huntsville Alabama area  service are serviced. In memorial to our beginnings we offer free carpet cleaning to area churches (up to 750 square feet) when they call and schedule appointment.

Reggie B
BFC Carpet Cleaning


The Brother that Jesus Loved

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My son:

You’ve been through much just to get here the wavy roller coaster ride through rough and smooth terrain. Now you are here at your destination and you have much to share.  The value of your experience is not to be discarded but placed together in a book for others to see. The broken pieces have value when put together as the weight of Gold, the great expectations and misfortunes, the joys and pains. You are a living witness that attests to the saying that favor is not fair.

the Witness,

Why has God chosen you to prosper with the array of others present? Because, you worked and listened while you focused your attention on Him and gathered, no not to any unnecessary attention that the frivolous parlay and flesh relish in;  in the sight of predators, grabbers; constantly competing with themselves, as if contending with an awesome God.


on the path

Footprints in the Sand
Footprints in the Sand

Yes, your perspectives are right and the path through the woods was worth it because of the gems and nuggets found by drudgery and failure after failure. You’ve found the light in a good season in your life you’ve worked out the misfortunes and traveled through them with grace and many times you were carried and placed in safety. I’ve always loved you, now I have the opportunity to bestow my love on you because you have been obedient to Me and it is your field that I seek to bless with an abundance of wealth. You shared your time and efforts, even your gifts and talents; now it is my turn to show out on your behalf.


Scene of the Nomadic Prophet

I need Thee.

I used to worry and lose my way, succumb to temptation and stay-bound to a yoke as Satan cracked his whip. People cut me with the lip and lashed-out with the tongue, like I wasn’t my mother’s son. Constantly battered by a barrage of unfriendly words saved sanctified and filled with His Holy Spirit yet hurt by the ones I love. Clinging to His presence like. it was my very life lost in His word estranged to the world; walking stepping careful not to offend in the humid heat or cold shower rains, I can never please man.

God is The Waymaker

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WHILE IN TROY I got away!

Troy Alabama, Home of Pastor Ellis Bush
Troy Alabama, Home of Pastor Ellis Bush

I decided to go to Cornerstone of Life Church when I had a moment of clarity and pushed aside the booze.  God planted in me a strong desire to be in service that night.  However, not wanting to pass the bootlegger, I pondered taking an alternative route but continued to walk straight toward them.  Walking along the sidewalk of a neighboring church yard named Calvary Baptist Church I approached these drunks (my friends), a place I knew well: where men sat around round plastic tables, smoking tobacco, drinking booze and trading war stories.  I sat with them many times.

Bush Place, Troy Alabama
Bush Place, Troy Alabama

Suddenly, a young man appeared, and walked as if arriving from a bush.  I asked him where did he come from, he silently smiled and pointed to a hole in the fence in the back of Calvary’s perimeter.  My feet took this direction and I climbed through the hole in the fence being careful not to tear my clothes.  Successfully, making it to church without walking past that crew, was an answer to an unspoken prayer.  Avoiding the laughs and chuckles allowed me to arrive at church with the sense of urgency I felt.  Upon arriving at church I laid my hands upon the horns of the altar asking God to cleanse me. This was in the spring of 2008.  The Devil though he had me bound, but I got away.  I got away from addiction.  I got away from defeat and today Victory is mine!